I had started my career in IT industry as a SharePoint (.Net) developer. Since I wasn’t getting enough opportunity to work on exciting projects, I started learning Android as a hobby to quench my thirst for building something cool. Little did I know it would become my passion and 2.5 years later I became Android developer. I just love learning! It may be books, movies, new technologies… anything.

On a typical weekend you can find me with a book or with my laptop coding. Also big fan of Counter Strike and NFS most wanted 😉 .

I have experience with Android framework, graphics programming with OpenGL (intermediate), Bluetooth, Voice over network, UI design, UX. You can find some of my works/hobby below :

Bluetooth chat application

FlingMe – A small game with implementation of view animation and deflection physics.

OpenGL Demo

Custom Horizontal Stepper

I love talking to passionate people and share dreams so feel free to reach out to me.

Peace out!